... and they searched the Scriptures daily...
  • Why we Love Scrooge

    Why we Love Scrooge

    A Christmas favorite in our house and man, but what makes this holiday classic so appealing at Christmas. Is there a message for us in this timeless classic. Read More
  • The Reason for the Season?

    The Reason for the Season?

    As the Christmas Season is upon us, it is good to remember why we celebrate and look back at some of the history of Christmas. Read More
  • Theology Matters

    Theology Matters

    Theology is not boring. Theology is not just for the intellectual. Theology is important for all Christians and is the lifeblood of our witness and effectiveness. Read More
  • Partnerships with Evangelicals and Roman Catholics

    Partnerships with Evangelicals and Roman Catholics

    An honest review of the proposed, draft, "Evangelical-Roman Catholic Common Statement of Faith" for Saskatoon, dated 2014. Read More
  • Four Blood Moons?

    Four Blood Moons?

    There is a lot of discussion recently about "Blood Moons" and "Tetrads" in regards to Bible Prophecy. Are these theories correct? Are they Biblical? Read More
  • It's a Slow Fade

    It's a Slow Fade

    It's a slow fade when black and white are turned to Grey. Churches never crumble in a day... It's a slow fade. Read More
  • A Christian's Response to Yoga

    A Christian's Response to Yoga

    Over the past few decades a missionary arm of another false religion has been allowed to waltz into our society unchecked by the Church; unchecked by those who should know better.. Read More
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Welcome to Berean Watchmen

Berean Watchmen Ministries is a teaching ministry designed to discuss the Word of God and its relevance to the modern Christian's faith and walk.

Berean Watchmen exists to equip and strengthen believers with sound apologetics, theology and warnings against the false teachings in the world. The mission is to teach, edify, encourage and embolden believers with the truth (Rev 19:11) so that they can therefore go forth in faith (1 Peter 3:15) and evangelize and disciple others. Our hearts are turned to the preaching of the gospel unto every creature. (Mark 16:15)

Our mission field is all of the friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances that are reached through the daily interaction they have with YOU.

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'Take Heed' Bible Conference 2016

Take Heed

Please join us this October 29th(2016) in Regina, SK, Canada for the "Take Heed" conference. We speakers have been asked to prepare talks on the subject of Doctrinal Error, Apostasy and the horrible teachings that currently threaten the evangelical church.

When: October 29th, 2016 Doors open at 8:45am

Topics include:

Read more ...