Enoch Pond

A clergyman, born in Wrentham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, 29 July, 1791; died in Bangor, Maine, 21 January, 1882. He was graduated at. Brown in 1813, studied theology with Dr. Nathaniel Emmons, was licensed to preach in June, 1814, and ordained pastor of the Congregational church in Ward (now Auburn), Massachusetts 1 March, 1815. There he remained until 1828, when he was dismissed at his own request, to become the editor of " The Spirit of the Pilgrims," a monthly publication that had just been established at Boston in the interest of orthodox Congregationalism. After editing five volumes, he became, in September, 1832, professor of systematic theology in the seminary at Bangor, Maine In 1856 he resigned to become president, professor of ecclesiastical history, and lecturer on pastoral duties in the same institution. In 1870 he was made emeritus professor, retaining the presidency. In 1835 he received the degree of D. D. from Dartmouth college.

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